Our client has a daughter who had a birthday. She had a necklace she never wore and wanted to turn it into a ring for her daughter as a gift. We removed the sapphire and diamonds from the necklace and added 4 new triangular diamonds in a slightly more modern design. The sapphire is bezel set and the triangular diamonds are set flush against the metal (14k white gold). We also flush-set the 16 round brilliant diamonds, from the necklace, into the band on both sides. This piece turned into a great gift she now wears.

For her daughter, Caroline, an 18th birthday present in solitaire diamond earrings. I wanted to make these slightly more modern for Caroline so I added an octagon frame placing the prongs inside the frame. This not only presents the diamonds in more updated style, but separates the diamonds from the actual frame so that you can see the entire stone vs. a bezel set. Loved how these turned out. The V-necklace is my signature (see necklace section in the collection part of site) and Emily wanted one for herself. Instead of a round, brilliant diamond as in the original design, I used a trilliant-cut diamond instead and prong set it at the base of the “v”. It turned out beautifully and is a piece she can wear every day or layered with her other pieces.




Emily wanted a high school graduation gift for her daughter, Caroline. The inspiration was the Cartier love bracelet, but we wanted something more unique. Seven diamonds to include four emerald-cut diamonds, an octagon diamond, triangular diamond, and a radiant cut diamond all make up this hinged cuff for Caroline. We engraved the inside with a note from mom and dad with the date. Perfection.

Emily took an emerald diamond ring that belonged to her mom and we turned it into a fantastic ring for her younger daughter, Sara Kate. We modernized it with a signet ring feel, and added timeless engraving to the center, between the emerald and 5 diamonds. Set in white gold.

The three sapphire bands are gifts for both of her daughters and mother. We took the stones out of one diamond and sapphire bracelet (see pic) and added a few stones to complete three eternity bands! In the finishing process we added the engraving to the top and sides. Changed the look of all 3 completely.

The single eternity band of all round diamonds and sapphires came out of Emily’s ring, which had roughly ½ of the stones. We added the other half and created this eternity band that turned out really well. You will notice the miligrain finish on the metal. Set in white gold.





For the holidays Jeanette wanted a mixed-cut diamond necklace sourcing different diamonds in different cuts. We bezel-set each stone in white gold and set them in-between links of yellow gold cable chain. The result is unique, in that each stone is different. This piece is 32” long so she could wrap it twice and wear it long, or as a choker.

The name bracelet is a gift from her husband. It is custom designed with both of their names cut from 18k yellow gold detailed with 4 diamonds in the shape of leaves. This piece turned out really well and was a great surprise.


Taking the stones from the 10-carat diamond necklace, we designed new hoops in 18k yellow gold for her. She needed gold hoops and in order to fit 22 irregular shaped diamonds into hoops, I lined them across the face of the hoops and the back “wall of the hoops”. These have been a very popular design and turned out lightweight and easy to wear. She will get more use out of these for sure.



Kathy wanted a piece she could give her daughter on her wedding day. Using diamonds from an old bracelet and ring, we pave set them in a round ring setting that can slide directly on a chain. The piece was named “Circle of Love” by Kathy and is now a staple in our collection. The idea is to add more “pendants” along the chain and wear them as a set, or a single. Beautiful!




Caroline inherited a necklace from her Grandmother and we wanted to do something unique with it. A beautiful pear-shaped diamond that I immediately wanted her to wear in reverse, with the point facing down. We sketched some ideas and the result is stunning. I added over 1 carat in long diamond baguettes to the design and modernized it a bit with clean edges. Updated, but timeless.




Our client sent us this stone and asked to make a pendant with it. It is a large, 18 carat kunzite in a pear-shaped cut. I designed the prongs to resemble talons to secure the stone, and added 5 diamonds on each prong beginning at the sides and ending towards the end of the prongs. I also wanted the chain to be attached between the top and the middle, allowing the stone to rest perfectly in a way that wouldn’t allow the stone to swivel back and forth on a chain. I simply designed it, had it made, and shipped it sight unseen with my client. They were thrilled with the result.



Claire has a beautiful set of baroque pearls from Hong Kong that she wanted a clasp for. I loved designing this elegant “x” design with 3 rows (2 carats) of pave diamonds. The yellow gold compliments the luster of the white pearls and it made the perfect choker at 16”.



Janene wanted to give her daughter Haley a wedding gift made from the ring Haley’s father gave her mother when they married. The ring had an oval diamond and 6 tiny baguettes. We added the three round diamonds to the design and I wanted to add texture to the piece. We completed it in 14k yellow gold and I thought it truly turned out marvelous. She was very surprised!



Sandra gave me this incredible, mine-cut diamond ring that she feels is over 200 years old, to make a pendant for her daughter in college. She also gave me a handful of smaller diamonds to work with so I designed this more modern octagon pendant surrounded with diamonds for her. It’s the perfect size and length for her daughter- and now, she has diamond necklace envy..:)



Jean was actually one of my first custom clients. We took several pieces of older jewelry she wasn’t wearing and created 4 things: a ring, pair of earrings (inspired by our Thrill Earrings), a name bracelet, and a diamond necklace. All four pieces are completely different from what we had to work with and get worn much more than the dated pieces, of course. This was a great use of her resources and loved how they all turned out.



Ginger took her original engagement ring and decided to make one of our signature Pulse necklaces with it! Perfect. She will wear this necklace all the time- and I love how we can make this style with any size or shape diamond.

In addition to our signature necklace I used the rest of her stones to design these amazing earrings. I wanted diamonds down the front or face of the hoops, and along the back of the hoops. These are very different, you won’t see these anywhere!




Kim wanted an evil eye necklace. I chose the sapphire to make it more seasonal in all occasions- and we added the straight edge baguettes for “eye lashes.” This piece Is really creative, love how this turned out!


Holiday Gift

For a holiday gift for a client, I decided to make an “add a diamond” necklace. For any special occasion she can get one, two, or however many diamonds added to her 16” princess diamond necklace.p All diamonds are bezel set and different shapes to make it more unique. Each diamond is soldered directly onto the chain, a very difficult process, to allow them to lay just right. When I was growing up, we had “add a pearl” necklaces with the same idea. This turned out great- and is a fantastic gift idea.