Our client had a big anniversary and wanted to upgrade her ring with an entirely new ring. She wanted a 4-carat stone for the center and we ruled it down to a beautiful cushion-cut stone. She wanted diamonds around the center stone. I always opt away from round diamonds as those are common in this type of design work and thought we could make it more unique. She seen a design where the baguettes are set down the band and wanted to add that to her piece. Beginning with sketches, we went back and forth and had the project made in Israel. Forty-two custom cut stones are in this piece, each stone cut especially for her ring. The ring is nearly 6 carats total, and completely custom-made.


As a 40th birthday present, our client was looking for a new eternity band. She has 2 boys, so she wanted to incorporate sapphire for her boys, and diamonds for her husband. She wears an engagement ring and wedding band every day, and she wanted to wear this new band with her other 2 rings, so we only had so much room. We determined the band couldn’t be larger than 5mm wide so we custom cut each triangle stone to 3.5mm each. The ring has 15 diamonds and 15 sapphires weighing 3.5 carats in stone. I think we could make this piece in any stone or color and it would look fabulous!


Our client has a daughter who had a birthday. She had a necklace she never wore and wanted to turn it into a ring for her daughter as a gift. We removed the sapphire and diamonds from the necklace and added 4 new triangular diamonds in a slightly more modern design. The sapphire is bezel set and the triangular diamonds are set flush against the metal (14k white gold). We also flush-set the 16 round brilliant diamonds, from the necklace, into the band on both sides. This piece turned into a great gift she now wears.

Amanda Albritton

I designed a ring for myself as a present from my husband. When we married, I had a band, but not an engagement ring, so we found the right time to begin building one. This process took a few months as it was a particular difficult design. I started by searching out the perfect emerald-cut center diamond. Once I had it, I knew I wanted to showcase it in a design horizontally, not vertically, as you will see most emerald-cut stones are set. I wanted it to be surrounded by baguettes but in order to do that, I needed to round it out with 2 trillion diamonds on either side. This widened the look to trace down the sides of my finger. The 18 baguettes were all cut specifically for this ring (see pics) and engineered so they would fit in each spot they were cut for. This process took several attempts to and from the cutter to complete the ring. All work was done in Israel for this piece. The end result is magnificent. I get compliments on it daily!


Our client was looking for a simple wedding band to represent her three sons, to be worn against her engagement ring. We chose a 14k gold band and inlaid three perfect diamonds, the center stone an oval, flanked by 2 pear-shaped diamonds. We brushed the entire band, making it look like more of a matte finish, focusing on the diamonds. This piece she wears on its own, or stacked with her engagement ring. Simple. Elegant.


From the pieces our client had to repurpose, we were able to make 2 cuffs, a pair of earrings, and a fantastic ring:
The name cuff: Katy wanted a cuff with her name, her husband’s name, and her 2 children. We produced it using a CAD design and added a hinge on one side and a clasp on the other. This is such a great gift and heirloom, something she will wear often!
The diamond cuff: We took a bracelet that had belonged to her Grandmother and turned it into this updated cuff she can stack and wear with her other bracelets and cuffs. We wanted to maintain the character of the older piece, so we simply removed that section from the vintage cuff and soldered it to a new, updated cuff.
The earrings: Our client wanted simple, unique everyday earrings, using the stones she had remaining from her other projects. We bezel-set these 6 stones into a more modern stud and she now has a pair she wears all the time.
The ring: The ring was the first project we did. We took diamonds from a larger ring and started drawing different ideas. After a few back and forth attempts we finally found the perfect design for her using 17 round diamonds, all bezel-set into this modern, stunning, statement ring.

Georgia Fan

We had a client who special ordered a Georgia bulldog cuff with the bulldogs on either side of a reversible cuff as a surprise for his wife. We used a mold and filled the eyes with rubies. This was a tremendous surprise and gift for her. We were excited to be a part of the project!


Our client had a 10-year anniversary and she wanted to build a ring using sapphire. We discussed green and blue being my favorite colored stone combination and went from there. We searched art deco designs and came up with a design she loved, and then I added the stair-stepping emerald baguettes to all sides. Emerald baguettes are really hard to find, and when you do, they can be pricey due to the fragile nature of the natural emerald. These emeralds are stunningly green, remind me of the Wizard of Oz! I have received several compliments on this piece as the designer.


Our client had several pieces of jewelry she never wore and asked that I design another band to go with the 2 she already has. This was a fun job-- I had to use what I had in terms of stones, and it’s fun to get creative using only the supplies you have. I wanted this band to have texture and pattern, as the other 2 bands are smooth. It turned out great- and she can wear it stacked with her other rings or on its own!

With extra gold she had from other pieces unworn, our client wanted to honor her three sons with three separate gold cuffs. We had each one engraved with their names and they turned out beautifully! They are now a staple in the Albritton Day collection, the Cherish cuff.


One of our business owners, Jessica, wanted a morganite ring. While traveling in Vegas to our gem shows, we found a supplier who had several in beautiful shapes. The morganite stone is naturally blush in color, the same color she chose to market our brand, Albritton Day. She found a large 7 1/2 carat and had diamonds from her wedding band that she was no longer wearing. We flanked the large morganite with 5 diamonds on either side, all different sizes. It makes for a remarkable engagement, statement, or cocktail ring. Blush is definitely her color.


Our client was getting married and wanted a men’s wedding band similar to Brad Pitt’s more modern design. We took platinum and carved a channel for 20 small round brilliant diamonds, putting 10 on one side and 10 on the other. The top we left clean. I love the detail somewhat hidden on the sides of the ring instead of on the top. This piece turned out beautifully!

Ellis Hill

Ellis Hill, one of our local accounts here in Dallas ordered our Adore, Devotion, and Cherish cuffs with a special font, unique to them. The Adore cuff will come with either a name, or three initials (can be one person or three) separated by 2 hearts. The Devotion cuff will come with their exclusive font using a date (month on the left, day on the right). The Cherish cuff will come with a font, exclusively for them. These will be a hit with their clients who are used to being able to personalize and custom order invitation, linens, and now jewelry!