Our client has a daughter who had a birthday. She had a necklace she never wore and wanted to turn it into a ring for her daughter as a gift. We removed the sapphire and diamonds from the necklace and added 4 new triangular diamonds in a slightly more modern design. The sapphire is bezel set and the triangular diamonds are set flush against the metal (14k white gold). We also flush-set the 16 round brilliant diamonds, from the necklace, into the band on both sides. This piece turned into a great gift she now wears.

For her daughter, Caroline, an 18th birthday present in solitaire diamond earrings. I wanted to make these slightly more modern for Caroline so I added an octagon frame placing the prongs inside the frame. This not only presents the diamonds in more updated style, but separates the diamonds from the actual frame so that you can see the entire stone vs. a bezel set. Loved how these turned out. The V-necklace is my signature (see necklace section in the collection part of site) and Emily wanted one for herself. Instead of a round, brilliant diamond as in the original design, I used a trilliant-cut diamond instead and prong set it at the base of the “v”. It turned out beautifully and is a piece she can wear every day or layered with her other pieces.




Emily wanted a high school graduation gift for her daughter, Caroline. The inspiration was the Cartier love bracelet, but we wanted something more unique. Seven diamonds to include four emerald-cut diamonds, an octagon diamond, triangular diamond, and a radiant cut diamond all make up this hinged cuff for Caroline. We engraved the inside with a note from mom and dad with the date. Perfection.

Emily took an emerald diamond ring that belonged to her mom and we turned it into a fantastic ring for her younger daughter, Sara Kate. We modernized it with a signet ring feel, and added timeless engraving to the center, between the emerald and 5 diamonds. Set in white gold.

The three sapphire bands are gifts for both of her daughters and mother. We took the stones out of one diamond and sapphire bracelet (see pic) and added a few stones to complete three eternity bands! In the finishing process we added the engraving to the top and sides. Changed the look of all 3 completely.

The single eternity band of all round diamonds and sapphires came out of Emily’s ring, which had roughly ½ of the stones. We added the other half and created this eternity band that turned out really well. You will notice the miligrain finish on the metal. Set in white gold.





From the pieces our client had to repurpose, we were able to make 2 cuffs, a pair of earrings, and a fantastic ring:
The name cuff: Katy wanted a cuff with her name, her husband’s name, and her 2 children. We produced it using a CAD design and added a hinge on one side and a clasp on the other. This is such a great gift and heirloom, something she will wear often!
The diamond cuff: We took a bracelet that had belonged to her Grandmother and turned it into this updated cuff she can stack and wear with her other bracelets and cuffs. We wanted to maintain the character of the older piece, so we simply removed that section from the vintage cuff and soldered it to a new, updated cuff.
The earrings: Our client wanted simple, unique everyday earrings, using the stones she had remaining from her other projects. We bezel-set these 6 stones into a more modern stud and she now has a pair she wears all the time.
The ring: The ring was the first project we did. We took diamonds from a larger ring and started drawing different ideas. After a few back and forth attempts we finally found the perfect design for her using 17 round diamonds, all bezel-set into this modern, stunning, statement ring.





Kimberly had a set of stud diamond earrings with 2 beautiful emerald-cut diamonds. She wanted to update them by adding stones in a new design. We took 8 slightly curved trilliant diamonds and 8 baguettes to create this new design she could wear every day but still feel special to her. A surprise Christmas gift from her husband!


Michael and Courtney

Michael lives in LA and has 2 nieces he wanted to make earrings for. Mismatched sets are popular, so it made sense to combine a stud diamond earring with an initial stud set in all diamonds. Courtney is celebrating 2 Barmitzvah celebrations with her nieces and wanted to gift them 2 sets. All turned out well and are fantastic gifts for the young and tuned-in crowd.




For me, personally, my favorite cuts of diamonds involve the “stair-step” cuts: emerald, asscher, any shape involving the clean lines of the stair-stepping stones as they call them. I reached out to her husband and suggested a set of asscher-cut diamonds for Christmas. I knew she would love them and we sourced the perfect set. These are GIA rated stones of high quality and they look fantastic on her! The perfect gift.



Emily E.

Emily was looking for a pair of everyday stud earrings. Mismatched sets are popular and more unique, so we took two ¼ carat diamonds in 2 different shapes: stop sign and radiant- and bezel set them in a more modern tone. She wears them daily and loves the different cuts.

Emily, one of our clients, lost an earring I had designed for her and so we took the other one, designed a dangle ring for her 12 year-old daughter, and voila! Super cute gift for the holidays.



A twist on our new chain earrings, Angela wanted a mismatched set with an A for her name and a star for the other ear. These extremely lightweight earrings are perfect to wear anytime- and I love the different designs! We can make these with any symbol.



Pam had round diamonds, baguettes, and princess cut diamonds from older pieces of jewelry she wanted to recycle. From several pieces, we were able to make a wonderful pair of 14k yellow earrings for her daughter, Libby, (see photo) an everyday pair of diamond earrings for Pam (see photo), and a fantastic octagon eternity band totaling 2 carats of round, brilliant diamonds and 4 emerald cut diamonds (see photo). A stunning addition to her collection and 3 wonderful pieces to add to her jewelry wardrobe.



In addition to the above pieces, she recently added 3 more items from one “tennis” bracelet she never wore (see before pic). From this one piece, we made the new baguette diamond eternity band (see pics), the large diamond hoops (see pics), and the small geometric hoops with diamonds (see pics). All three items she will wear all the time- great additions to her collection!



Lisa Jane

Lisa Jane came to us with several pieces of unworn, older items and we transformed them into pieces she wanted to add to her collection. We had enough stone and gold to produce a fantastic fringe shaker-style ring made of round brilliant cut diamonds in the band and 7 bezel-set diamonds set as the fringe. We also made a wonderful pair of wire-wrapped earrings in 14k gold with green tsavorite, blue zircon, and green emeralds. These earrings are lightweight with each stone bezel-set suspended in the wire. Lisa Jane also wanted a diamond bangle bracelet she could mix with her current collection of gold bangles. We designed this one differently, with all baguettes flush-set in the gold. Beautiful on its own or stacked with her others. And lastly, the pearl earrings. These were fun to design in particular because I had not worked with pearl before. I wanted a great updated earring she could wear year-round that was lightweight, using the pearls she wanted to use, and functional. They turned out perfectly.






Gail is our client who approached us, alongside her daughters, with several pieces of jewelry she wanted to repurpose. We had 3 pairs of cufflinks, a pair of earrings, and a ring to work with. We were able to make several pieces from them which you will see here. The small white gold and diamond earrings are for Jaclyn, as an everyday earring. The yellow gold earrings with the hearts are inspired by our Roam Earrings and Besos Earrings. They turned out great! More to come…


To continue Gail’s projects, we used the green agate stone from one of her father’s cufflinks (see pic) and created a ring with vivid orange sapphires and bright pink sapphires. A fun cocktail ring to wear year-round. We used the black sapphire stones from another set of her father’s cufflinks and created a timeless pair of diamond and sapphire earrings (see pic) with diamond baguettes dropped with the 2 black star sapphires, surrounded with round, brilliant diamonds! Love all of these projects.

This has been one of my favorite projects. Using 3 stones from her father’s cufflinks (the three green ones), I designed a cuff adding bright pink sapphires, pink coral, and diamonds. When the cuff was complete, I had my engraver engrave the entire cuff (see photo) which adds so much to the design and style of the cuff.



Jean was actually one of my first custom clients. We took several pieces of older jewelry she wasn’t wearing and created 4 things: a ring, pair of earrings (inspired by our Thrill Earrings), a name bracelet, and a diamond necklace. All four pieces are completely different from what we had to work with and get worn much more than the dated pieces, of course. This was a great use of her resources and loved how they all turned out.



John’s wife fell in love with a pair similar to this one and wanted a pair for herself. We used old gold chains and family jewelry to melt down and create these unique gold earrings. We added the diamonds to them and I think they turned out great!



Ginger took her original engagement ring and decided to make one of our signature Pulse necklaces with it! Perfect. She will wear this necklace all the time- and I love how we can make this style with any size or shape diamond.

In addition to our signature necklace I used the rest of her stones to design these amazing earrings. I wanted diamonds down the front or face of the hoops, and along the back of the hoops. These are very different, you won’t see these anywhere!




Cindy had a beautiful ring that she removed the tanzanite stone from the center, but wanted to do something with the side stones. I took all of the stones out and designed earrings in a crescent shape. Love how these turned out!