From the pieces our client had to repurpose, we were able to make 2 cuffs, a pair of earrings, and a fantastic ring:
The name cuff: Katy wanted a cuff with her name, her husband’s name, and her 2 children. We produced it using a CAD design and added a hinge on one side and a clasp on the other. This is such a great gift and heirloom, something she will wear often!
The diamond cuff: We took a bracelet that had belonged to her Grandmother and turned it into this updated cuff she can stack and wear with her other bracelets and cuffs. We wanted to maintain the character of the older piece, so we simply removed that section from the vintage cuff and soldered it to a new, updated cuff.
The earrings: Our client wanted simple, unique everyday earrings, using the stones she had remaining from her other projects. We bezel-set these 6 stones into a more modern stud and she now has a pair she wears all the time.
The ring: The ring was the first project we did. We took diamonds from a larger ring and started drawing different ideas. After a few back and forth attempts we finally found the perfect design for her using 17 round diamonds, all bezel-set into this modern, stunning, statement ring.




Georgia Fan

We had a client who special ordered a Georgia bulldog cuff with the bulldogs on either side of a reversible cuff as a surprise for his wife. We used a mold and filled the eyes with rubies. This was a tremendous surprise and gift for her. We were excited to be a part of the project!



Our client had several pieces of jewelry she never wore and asked that I design another band to go with the 2 she already has. This was a fun job-- I had to use what I had in terms of stones, and it’s fun to get creative using only the supplies you have. I wanted this band to have texture and pattern, as the other 2 bands are smooth. It turned out great- and she can wear it stacked with her other rings or on its own!

With extra gold she had from other pieces unworn, our client wanted to honor her three sons with three separate gold cuffs. We had each one engraved with their names and they turned out beautifully! They are now a staple in the Albritton Day collection, the Cherish cuff.


Ellis Hill

Ellis Hill, one of our local accounts here in Dallas ordered our Adore, Devotion, and Cherish cuffs with a special font, unique to them. The Adore cuff will come with either a name, or three initials (can be one person or three) separated by 2 hearts. The Devotion cuff will come with their exclusive font using a date (month on the left, day on the right). The Cherish cuff will come with a font, exclusively for them. These will be a hit with their clients who are used to being able to personalize and custom order invitation, linens, and now jewelry!



For the holidays Jeanette wanted a mixed-cut diamond necklace sourcing different diamonds in different cuts. We bezel-set each stone in white gold and set them in-between links of yellow gold cable chain. The result is unique, in that each stone is different. This piece is 32” long so she could wrap it twice and wear it long, or as a choker.

The name bracelet is a gift from her husband. It is custom designed with both of their names cut from 18k yellow gold detailed with 4 diamonds in the shape of leaves. This piece turned out really well and was a great surprise.


Taking the stones from the 10-carat diamond necklace, we designed new hoops in 18k yellow gold for her. She needed gold hoops and in order to fit 22 irregular shaped diamonds into hoops, I lined them across the face of the hoops and the back “wall of the hoops”. These have been a very popular design and turned out lightweight and easy to wear. She will get more use out of these for sure.


Lisa Jane

Lisa Jane came to us with several pieces of unworn, older items and we transformed them into pieces she wanted to add to her collection. We had enough stone and gold to produce a fantastic fringe shaker-style ring made of round brilliant cut diamonds in the band and 7 bezel-set diamonds set as the fringe. We also made a wonderful pair of wire-wrapped earrings in 14k gold with green tsavorite, blue zircon, and green emeralds. These earrings are lightweight with each stone bezel-set suspended in the wire. Lisa Jane also wanted a diamond bangle bracelet she could mix with her current collection of gold bangles. We designed this one differently, with all baguettes flush-set in the gold. Beautiful on its own or stacked with her others. And lastly, the pearl earrings. These were fun to design in particular because I had not worked with pearl before. I wanted a great updated earring she could wear year-round that was lightweight, using the pearls she wanted to use, and functional. They turned out perfectly.






A wonderful hinged bracelet/cuff out of 14k yellow gold, my mother has all of her grandchildren listed and on her arm daily! Best gift ever.



Jean was actually one of my first custom clients. We took several pieces of older jewelry she wasn’t wearing and created 4 things: a ring, pair of earrings (inspired by our Thrill Earrings), a name bracelet, and a diamond necklace. All four pieces are completely different from what we had to work with and get worn much more than the dated pieces, of course. This was a great use of her resources and loved how they all turned out.



My mother-in-law wanted a gold bracelet with all of her grandchildren’s names on it so we did it! Complete with 7 names in 14k yellow gold. She wears it everyday.